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Nova Scotia Cape Breton Island Lights
Balache Point Front Range Lighthouse
Balache Point Front Range
Balache Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Balache Point Rear Range
Black Rock Point Lighthouse
Black Rock Point
Black Rock Point Old Lighthouse
Black Rock Point Old
Cameron Island Lighthouse
Cameron Island
Cape George Harbor Lighthouse
Cape George Harbour
Cape North Lighthouse
Cape North
Carey Point Lighthouse
Carey Point
Caveau Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Caveau Point Rear Range
Cheticamp Harbor Front Range Lighthouse
Cheticamp Harbour Front Range
Ciboux Island Lighthouse
Ciboux Island
Enragee Point Lighthouse
Enragee Point
Flint Island Lighthouse
Flint Island
Fourchu Head Lighthouse
Fourchu Head
Gabarus Lighthouse
Gillis Point Lighthouse
Gillis Point
Glace Bay Front Range Lighthouse
Glace Bay Front Range
Grandique Point Lighthouse
Grandique Point
Great Bras d'Or Front Range Lighthouse
Great Bras d'Or Front Range
Great Bras d'Or Rear Range Lighthouse
Great Bras d'Or Rear Range
Green Island Lighthouse
Green Island
Gregory Island Lighthouse
Gregory Island
Guyon Island Lighthouse
Guyon Island
Henry Island Lighthouse
Henry Island
Jerome Point Lighthouse
Jerome Point
Jerseyman Island Lighthouse
Jerseyman Island - Gone
Kidston Island Northeast Lighthouse
Kidston Island Northeast
Kidston Island West End Lighthouse
Kidston Island West End
L'Ardoise Harbor Front Range Lighthouse
L'Ardoise Harbour Front Range
L'Ardoise Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse
L'Ardoise Harbour Rear Range
Little Narrows Lighthouse
Little Narrows - Gone
Louisbourg Lighthouse
Low Point Lighthouse
Low Point
Mabou Harbor Lighthouse
Mabou Harbour
Main a Dieu Lighthouse
Main Dieu
Man of War Point Lighthouse
Man of War Point
Marache Point Lighthouse
Marache Point
Margaree Harbor Front Range Lighthouse
Margaree Harbour Front Range
Margaree Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse
Margaree Harbour Rear Range
Margaree Island Lighthouse
Margaree Island
MacNeil Beach Lighthouse
McNeil Beach - Boularderie Island
Munroe Point Lighthouse
Munroe Point
Neils Harbor Lighthouse
Neil's Harbour
Pleasant Bay Lighthouse
Pleasant Bay
Point Aconi Lighthouse
Point Aconi - Gone
River Bourgeois Lighthouse
River Bourgeois
Rouse Point Lighthouse
Rouse Point
St. Paul Island Northeast Lighthouse
St. Paul Island North Point
St. Paul Island Southwest Lighthouse
St. Paul Island South Point
Scatarie Lighthouse
Sydney Bar Lighthouse
Sydney Bar
Sydney Front Range Lighthouse
Sydney Front Range
Sydney Rear Range Lighthouse
Sydney Rear Range
The Welcome to Cape Breton Island sign is on the Trans Canada Highway 104 north after crossing the Canso Causeway. I took this shot on August 28, 2015.
We've been to Nova Scotia in 1996, 2000, briefly in 2015 and 2016, and in 2017. We'll be back here to see more of the off shore island lighthouses by boat.
Bienvenue Cape Breton Island

While traveling westbound the TransCanadian Highway, on Route 105, we took this Exit 11 Cabot Trail sign shot. I took this shot on September 5, 2017 at 10:25 am so the sun was on it.
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