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New Brunswick Lighthouses
Anderson Hollow Lighthouse
Anderson Hollow
Bathurst Replica Lighthouse
Bathurst Replica
Bayswater Lighthouse
Seaside Point Lighthouse
Belledune Point--Sea Side
Belyeas Point Lighthouse
Belyeas Point
Big Shippagan Lighthouse
Big Shippagan
Black Point Lighthouse
Black Point
Bliss Island Lighthouse
Bliss Island
Bouctouche Dune Lighthouse
Bouctouche Bar
Caissie Point Lighthouse
Caissie Point
Campbellton Wharf Rear Range Lighthouse
Campbellton Rear Range
Campobello Information Center Lighthouse
Campobello Information Center
Cape Enrage Lighthouse
Cape Enrage
Jourimain Island Lighthouse
Cape Jourimain
Cape Spencer Lighthouse
Cape Spencer
Cape Tormentine Front Range Lighthouse
Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf FR
Cape Tormentine Rear Range Lighthouse
Cape Tormentine Outer Wharf RR
Caraquet Front Range Lighthouse
Caraquet Front Range
Caraquet Island Lighthouse
Caraquet Island
Caraquet Rear Range Lighthouse
Caraquet Rear Range
Cherry Island Lighthouse
Cherry Island
Cocagne Front Range Lighthouse
Cocagne Front Range
Courtenay Bay Lighthouse
Courtenay Bay Breakwater
Cox Point Lighthouse
Cox Point
Dalhousie Marina Lighthouse
Dalhousie Marina
Dalhousie Wharf Lighthouse
Dalhousie Wharf
Deer Point Lighthouse
Deer Island Point
Dixon Point Front Range Lighthouse
Dixon Point Front Range
Dixon Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Dixon Point Rear Range
Fanjoys Point Lighthouse
Fanjoys Point
Fort Moncton Lighthouse
Fort Moncton
Fredericton Ornamental Lighthouse
Fredericton Ornamental
Fredericton Replica Lighthouse
Fredericton Replica
Gagetown Lighthouse
Gannet Rock Lighthouse
Gannet Rock
Old Grand Dune Flats Front Range Lighthouse
Grand Dune Flats Front Range
Ross Island Lighthouse
Grand Harbour--Ross Island
Grande Anse Lighthouse
Grande Anse
Grande Digue Lighthouse
Grande Digue
Grants Beach Front Range Lighthouse
Grant's Beach Front Range
Grants Beach Rear Range Lighthouse
Grant's Beach Rear Range
Great Duck Island Lighthouse
Great Duck Island
Letite Passage Lighthouse
Green's Point--Letite Passage
Grindstone Island Lighthouse
Grindstone Island
Hampstead Wharf Lighthouse
Hampstead Wharf
East Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Head Harbor--East Quoddy Head
Hendry Farm Lighthouse
Hendry Farm
Hudson Oddities
Hudson Oddities
Inch Arran Point Front Range Lighthouse
Inch Arran Point Front Range
Inch Arran Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Inch Arran Point Rear Range
Indian Point Front Range Lighthouse
Indian Point Front Range
Indian Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Indian Point Rear Range
Leonardville Lighthouse
Le Pays de la Sagouine Lighthouse
Le Pays de la Sagouine
Drews Head Lighthouse
Lighthouse Point--Drew's Head
Long Eddy Point Lighthouse
Long Eddy Point
Long Point Lighthouse
Long Point
Lower Musquash Island Lighthouse
Lower Musquash Island
Lower Neguac Wharf Rear Range Lighthouse
Lower Neguac Rear Range
Machias Seal Island Lighthouse
Machias Seal Island
Market Square Lighthouse
Market Square Tourism
McColgan Point Lighthouse
McColgan Point
Miramichi Bay Lighthouse
Miramichi Bay fake
Miscou Island Lighthouse
Miscou Island
Mulholland Point Lighthouse
Mulholland Point
Musquash Head Lighthouse
Musquash Head
Neguac House Lighthouse
Neguac House
Neguac Tourism Lighthouse
Neguac Tourism
Oak Point Lighthouse
Oak Point
Oak Point Front Range Lighthouse
Oak Point Front Range
Partridge Island Lighthouse
Partridge Island
Blacks Harbour Lighthouse
Pea Point--Blacks Harbour
Ward Point Lighthouse
Pecks Point--Ward Point
Point Escuminac Lighthouse
Point Escuminac
Point Lepreau Lighthouse
Point Lepreau
Middle Caraquet Rear Range Lighthouse
Pointe à Brideau Rear Range
Jerome Point Front Range Lighthouse
Pointe à Jérôme Front Range
Jerome Point Rear Range Lighthouse
Pointe à Jérôme Rear Range
Pointe du Chene Front Range Lighthouse
Pointe du Chene Front Range
Pointe du Chene Rear Range Lighthouse
Pointe du Chene Rear Range
Pointe Sapin Rear Range Lighthouse
Pointe Sapin Rear Range
Portage Island Rear Range Lighthouse
Portage Island Rear Range
Quaco Head Lighthouse
Quaco Head
Reed's Point Lighthouse
Reed's Point
Renforth Replica Lighthouse
Cap Lumiere Lighthouse
Richibucto Head--Cap Lumiere
Ritchie Wharf Lighthouse
Ritchie Wharf
Riverview Park Ornamental Lighthouse
Riverview Park Ornamental
Robertson Point Lighthouse
Robertson Point
St. John's Coast Guard Base Lighthouse
Saint John's Coast Guard Base
St. John Ornamenta Lighthousel
Saint John Ornamental
St. Stephens Wharf Lighthouse
Saint Stephen's Wharf
Sand Point Lighthouse
Sand Point
Shediac Cape Replica Lighthouse
Shediac Cape Replica
Sheila Lighthouse
Southwest Head Lighthouse
Southwest Head
Southwest Wolf Island Lighthouse
Southwest Wolf Island
Pendlebury Lighthouse
St. Andrews--Pendlebury
St. Martins Replica Lighthouse
St. Martins Info. Center
Swallowtail Lighthouse
Green Head Lighthouse
Swift Point--Green Head
The Cedars Lighthouse
The Cedars
Tracadie Marina Lighthouse
Tracadie Marina
Wilmot Bluff Lighthouse
Wilmot Bluff
1997 was our 1st official lighthouse trip. We returned here briefly in 2003 and in 2007. In 2008 we vacationed in New Brunswick seeing a few new and repeat lights while we dodged a few hurricanes. In 2011 we saw Swift Point and Point Lepreau up close. In 2016 we passed through improving on several shots.
Welcome to New Brunswick, Canada

This Welcome to New Brunswick, Canada sign is at the border crossing in St. Stephen. This must be a fairly new sign because we've never seen it before. I took this shot on September 14, 2011 after we left Canada and entered Maine.
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