British Columbia flag
Canadian flag
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British Columbia Lighthouses
Active Pass Lighthouse
Active Pass
Addenbroke Island Lighthouse
Addenbroke Island
Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
Amphitrite Point
Ballenas Islands Lighthouse
Ballenas Islands
Bare Point Lighthouse
Bare Point
Barrett Rock Lighthouse
Barrett Rock
Boat Bluff Lighthouse
Boat Bluff
Bonilla Island Lighthouse
Bonilla Island
Brockton Point Lighthouse
Brockton Point
Cape Beale Lighthouse
Cape Beale
Cape Mudge Lighthouse
Cape Mudge
Cape Scott Lighthouse
Cape Scott
Carmanah Point Lighthouse
Carmanah Point
Chrome Island Lighthouse
Chrome Island
Discovery Island Lighthouse
Discovery Island
Dryad Point Lighthouse
Dryad Point
East Point Lighthouse
East Point
Entrance Island Lighthouse
Entrance Island
Estevan Point Lighthouse
Estevan Point
Fiddle Reef Lighthouse
Fiddle Reef
Fisgard Lighthouse
Gallows Point Lighthouse
Gallows Point
Green Island Lighthouse
Green Island
Holland Rock Lighthouse
Holland Rock
Ivory Island Lighthouse
Ivory Island
Langara Point Lighthouse
Langara Point
Lawyer Island Lighthouse
Lawyer Island
Lennard Island Lighthouse
Lennard Island
Lightship Relief
Lightship Relief LV-76
Lucy Island Lighthouse
Lucy Island
McInnes Island Lighthouse
McInnes Island
Merry Island Lighthouse
Merry Island
Naval Museum
Naval Museum fake
Nootka Lighthouse
Pachena Point Lighthouse
Pachena Point
Pilot Bay Lighthouse
Pilot Bay
Pine Island Lighthouse
Pine Island
Point Atkinson Lighthouse
Point Atkinson
Pointer Island Lighthouse
Pointer Island
Polier Pass-Race Point Lighthouse
Polier Pass Front Range
Polier Pass-Virago Point Lighthouse
Polier Pass Rear Range
Portlock Point Lighthouse
Portlock Point
Prospect Point Lighthouse
Prospect Point
Pulteney Point Lighthouse
Pulteney Point
Quatsino Lighthouse
Race Rocks Lighthouse
Race Rocks
Sand Heads Lighthouse
Sand Heads
Scarlett Point Lighthouse
Scarlett Point
Sheringham Point Lighthouse
Sheringham Point
Sisters Rock Lighthouse
Sisters Islet
Trial Island Lighthouse
Trial Island
Triangle Island Lighthouse
Triangle Island
Triple Island Lighthouse
Triple Island
We went to British Columbia, Canada in 2003 and 2005. The summer of 2003 lighthouse trip included Vancouver Island, Washington and half of Oregon. The summer 2005 lighthouse trip also included Alaska, The Yukon, and Washington. We need to go back to British Columbia to spend much more time in this beautiful area with so much water and great mountain views.
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