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We are Christine and Tommy Cardaci, The Lighthouse Hunters. We’ve seen almost all the United States lighthouses and most of the Canadian lighthouses. We’ve photographed 1,616 lighthouses with many more in our future. Our lighthouse photography site has pages for each of the 31 states and 11 provinces that have lighthouses. Recently an additional 102 individual lighthouse pages were posted with hundreds of lighthouse photos. Each North American lighthouse (USA and Canada) will have its own page. We're adding thousands of our lighthouse photos, lighthouse GPS coordinates, lighthouse locator maps, history, and hundreds of lighthouse links. More of our photos include sunrises, sunsets, boats, freighters, bridges, clouds, marine life, nautical, fellow hunters, our journeys, state welcome signs, and province welcome signs.

Check out much more here in . Please come back often to see our progress with the American lighthouses and the Canadian lighthouses. This will be the site to use for your lighthouse hunting adventure planning. Don't forget to sign our guest book.

All the photographs in this site were taken by us and are for sale. Several sizes are offered as well as our travel book, Lighthouses and Lightships of America--The Hunters Guide.
North American Lighthouse Challenges & Lighthouse Festivals to attend

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Gala-
2021 ?
Michigan Lighthouse Conference-2021
Door County Lighthouse Festival-
6-11/13 + 10-1/3, 2021
Mid-Coast Maine Lighthouse Challenge-
June? 2021 ?
Toledo Lighthouse Waterfront Festival-
Sept. 11-12, 2021
Lake Ontario CNY Lighthouse Challenge-
August? 2021 ?
National Lighthouse Day-August 7, 2021
Michigan Lighthouse Festival-
August 6-7, 2021
International Lighthouse-Lightship
Weekend Aug. 21-22, 2021
26th Annual Apostle Island Lighthouse
Celebration-Sept. 7-18, 2021
Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival-Sept. 2021
Maine Open Lighthouse Day-Sept. 11, 2021
Maryland Lighthouse Challenge- 13th
Sept. 2022
New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge-
Oct. 16-17, 2021

NEW 2019 Lighthouse Photographs! - - NEW over 102 additional lighthouse web pages added from 2011-2020.
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The Lighthouse Hunters have traveled the coasts of North America taking pictures of lighthouses. We have photographed almost all of the United States lighthouses and most of the Canadian lighthouses. Dozens of times we've been up and down the East Coast, the Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes, the West Coast including Alaska and Hawaii, and even Lake Champlain photographing lighthouses. We love the lighthouses of the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. We'll eventually photograph the Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan lighthouses. Tommy and I have hiked hundreds of miles over the years. We've been on hundreds of private boat charters, private plane charters, lighthouses cruises, countless ferries, friend's boat, zodiacs, motorized canoe, kayaks, and even a helicopter. Learn about our adventures and how we were able to photograph each lighthouse. Use our lighthouse links to find that special cruise, charter captain or tour. Please let us know if you like our USA lighthouse photos and our Canadian lighthouse photos by emailing us, signing our guest book or clicking our Facebook Like button all over this site.
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